Fundrace2004 Neighbor Search  MAR 17 2004

Fundrace2004, which is shaping up to be an extremely interesting and unique source of election information, has a new feature called Neighbor Search. You put in an address (or ZIP) or the name of a friend/neighbor/co-worker/celebrity and it returns the names, addresses, company names & job functions, and campaign contributions for persons matching the search criteria. Like all public data sets that have previously been available only in dusty books or individually by request (allow 6-10 weeks for delivery), the effect of seeing this data in aggregate and being able to slice it and dice it at will is both thrilling and a little unnerving. Ain't the Internet grand?

Here are a few people and their contributions:

Bill Gates: George W. Bush, $2000
George H.W. Bush: George W. Bush, $2000
Craig Barrett (Intel CEO): Joe Lieberman, $2000; George W. Bush, $2000
Harvey Weinstein (Miramax): Howard Dean, $2000; John Edwards, $2000; Dick Gephardt, $1000; and possibly Wesley Clark, $2000
Larry Lessig: Howard Dean, $2000; John Edwards, $2000
Warren Buffett: Bob Graham, $2000; Wesley Clark, $2000
Jimmy Buffett: Bob Graham, $2000; Wesley Clark, $2000
P. Diddy: Al Sharpton, $2000

Also of interest is this map of Manhattan showing political contributions by building. Lots of Republicans on the UES and lots of Democrats below 14th surprise there. (via reBlog)

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Bryan08 17 2004 6:08PM

"Unnerving" is right. This is amazing.

Andy Baio13 17 2004 6:13PM

My neighborhood is pretty happening. Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis live on my street.

jkottke27 17 2004 6:27PM

Donald Trump gave $2000 each to Bush and Kerry, the CEO of Time Warner gave $2000 to Bush, type designer Tobias Frere-Jones (who designed the excellent Interstate font family) gave $250 to Dean, and Joan Jett gave $1000 to Dean.

Scott Johnson33 17 2004 7:33PM

I bet some people are going to get really mad about this. Sure, it's always been available, but that doesn't really seem to sink in for most people until it's on a web site where anybody can pull up that information within seconds.

Shane Cavanaugh51 17 2004 7:51PM

Steve Jobs' wife gave $2000 to Gephardt and Dean.

Scott: I agree. I'm perturbed by that fact that I now know where P. Diddy lives. Also by the fact that I googled "Laurene Jobs" to see if she was Steve's wife.

clappstar20 17 2004 8:20PM

The first zip code I thought of to type in was 90210 (remember the TV show?).

Very interesting. I'd like to see the maps of support people could make from this info.

Sunny02 17 2004 9:02PM

I see a trend that the media (tv, movie) types are donating to Democrats in general. Is it any surprise that last few copyright extensions have been Democrat led bills in the Congress?

Firas09 17 2004 9:09PM

Exactly what I was thinking... Jack Valenti.

Yeah, and the address-leak potential is worrying.

Joseph42 17 200410:42PM

George Soros (Investor): Kerry $2000, Graham $2000, Clark $2000, Dean $1000.
Adam Yauch (Beastie Boy): Clark $1000.
Henry Kissinger (fmr Sec of State): Bush $3000.
Rupert Murdoch (CEO News Corp): Bush $2000.
Ted Danson (actor): Dean $2000, Edwards $2000.
Davis Love III (golfer): Bush $2000.
Jerry Springer (talk show host): Kucinich $2000.

spygeek18 17 200411:18PM

No one famous in my Twin Cities neighborhood, not that I was expecting celebrities. I thought it interesting that most of the Dean and Kerry supporters in my area donated smaller amounts of $500 or less, yet every single Bush supporter donated $2,000.

jkottke28 17 200411:28PM

Kissinger gave Bush $3000? I thought you could only give $2000 to each candidate. Hmmm....

jkottke02 18 200412:02AM

Ben Affleck ($2000 to Clark and $1000 to Kucinich) and Charlize Theron ($1000 to Kerry).

mark31 18 200412:31AM

Howard Dean: George W. Bush, $2000.
John Edwards: Bush, Clark, Gephardt and Dean. And Edwards.
John Kerry gives to no man.

refurberator55 18 200412:55AM

Affleck gave $1000 to Kucinich? This explains some of his script choices.

refurberator57 18 200412:57AM

Guess who won Ben Stein's money? George Bush.. $1000 bucks...

Paul46 18 2004 9:46AM

Help! I'm surrounded by Republicans!

b17 18 200410:17AM

I think you sort of misread the map of NYC. It looks to me like there were many buildings on the UES that gave Republicans between $200 and $25,000, but if you look carefully, there are more than a few buildings that gave Dems over $25K or over $50K. It's a tough map to read. Too bad you can't view a Dem only map and a GOP only map.

b19 18 200410:19AM

Oh, and I love how if you look at the map of DC, they all but eliminated Southeast from the map. For those not familiar with DC, SE is historically a poverty/crime ridden section of the District.

Greg27 18 200412:27PM

I believe the Bill Gates figure is phony... why would he be listed as "CEO" of Microsoft when, in fact, Steve Ballmer has been CEO of Microsoft since January of 2000? Gates is now "Chairman and Chief Software Architect."

I had heart that he was a Democrat, in any case, but being Canadian I don't pay ultra-close attention to such things.

Adam30 18 200412:30PM

Not to be snide, but how I love the fact that Sean Combs apparently believes himself to be an "enterperneur."

Dave42 18 2004 1:42PM

Jeb (John Ellis) Bush, Gov of FL: $1,000 to GWB. Why not $2,000? Where's the love?

Peter53 18 2004 1:53PM

...and to the readers of doonesbury, i don't suppose this is any surprise: Garry Trudeau, Cartoonist: $2,000 to Howard Dean.

Jon16 18 2004 2:16PM

Here in Cincinnati, the Reynolds family sticks out in a sea of red.

Mercer Reynolds has been invovled most business and political success W has ever had. For his service, Bush made him ambassador to Switzerland.

Good to see that his kids get jobs in the White House. They must pay their interns well, as Jimmy ponied up 2G for the cause.

Paul Smith34 18 2004 2:34PM

Aaron Sorkin:

Edwards: $2000
Gephardt: $2000
Clark: $2000
Dean: $1000

Wait a sec ... I'm starting to think West Wing had a liberal bias ...

Bob34 18 2004 2:34PM

This one has been around for a long time.

It's amazing what you can find.

Adam41 18 2004 3:41PM

Bob, that's the point of reblog.

finsburgh43 18 2004 3:43PM

Jews seem to give a lot

Nik03 18 2004 4:03PM

Is it me or did someone with the P.Diddy troupe misspell 'Entrepreneur'?

dn17 18 2004 5:17PM

is $2000 really the max contribution? clearly some of these people can afford to give more than 2 G's...

Adam19 18 2004 6:19PM


finsburgh: Even in the best of times, that wouldn't be a neutral observation. These are not the best of times.

David37 19 2004 6:37AM

I'm not that interested in the political leanings of my neighbors, but I am a little interested in knowing who they are and what they do. Now I can find this out without actually talking to them! Hooray for the Web.

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