Why were the colors on Mars photos  FEB 10 2004

Why were the colors on Mars photos from Spirit messed up? NASA used the wrong filter in assembling the photos..

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bob09 10 2004 7:09PM

just as a refresher, here's what mars actually looks like. (complete with the mysterious golfball photo)

margaret55 10 2004 7:55PM

you know, i read something in the paper about this a while ago. i don't know if anyone has mentioned this here in relation to this topic, but has anyone considered that mars looks different at different times of the day? look out your window. will the colors outside be the same in 12 hours? probably not. mars does rotate and revolve around the sun and it's own axis, just like earth. i'm not saying this fully explains the colors in the mars photos, but it's something to think about, assuming it hasn't been mentioned here before and disproved.

nobody14 10 2004 8:14PM

See my comment last month, were all this was explained.

nobody15 10 2004 8:15PM

... and here is the missing 'h'

Alex32 11 2004 2:32PM

Don't know if you know about this, but to keep your links to the NY Times working after a few weeks, at which time they become subscription content, you can use this link generator courtesy of UserLand.

bob41 11 2004 4:41PM

thanks alex! I was actually looking for this after i found it once before.

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