Thorough review of the newest beta version  FEB 03 2004

Thorough review of the newest beta version of the OmniWeb browser for OS X.

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Jon49 03 200411:49AM

Man, I love this browser. I was already impressed, then I found the per-site preferences. Sweet.

R.16 03 2004 4:16PM

The feature set is great. The fact that it's using such an outdated version of the Safari rendering engine, however, is kind of a nonstarter. Hope they shore that up as it pulls out of (crashy) beta.

gogol1322 03 2004 7:22PM

here's an ars technica one of garagebankd :D


gogol1308 06 2004 2:08AM

nother one!

cheers :D

Robbie09 15 200410:09PM

It's funny neither site mentions Opera ( ) as having all those great new innovative features long before anyone from omnigroup thought of them.

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