Tanya Jessen lost 95 pounds playing Dance Dance Revolution  JAN 30 2004

Tanya Jessen lost 95 pounds playing Dance Dance Revolution.

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anthony34 30 2004 5:34PM

tanya was featured in the mtv top 15 video games award show thingie.

Alex45 30 200411:45PM

This would be a socially awkward way to lose weight for anyone over the age of 17.

Sandy31 31 2004 2:31AM

DDR is the new Subway!

Craniac56 31 2004 9:56AM

Infomercial paid for by RedOctane (tm) dance pads.

mendel10 31 2004 1:10PM

Alex: Not really -- DDR doesn't mean lining up in an arcade (and that's not a very cost-effective way to do it either). Bouncing around on a DDR pad in front of your TV isn't any more embarrassing than spinning on a stationary bike in front of your TV.

trout03 02 2004 3:03PM

I'm all for anything that gets people some exercize -- our society is far too sedintary. This woman's results are pretty phenominal. I don't think most people are going to start playing three hours a day, but it'd be an appealing way to get that half-hour of daily excercize without giving up precious in-front-of-TV time.

Alex, I know people from thirteen to thirty who play games like this socially. It's true that they all share a certain social quality, but whatever. They have fun.

I've only stepped on the thing once or twice, but I've been thinking about getting one for the house. I'm a recreational athlete, and I've found it difficult to keep up the reflexes as I get more removed from regular practice. Reading kottke.org all day just doesn't seem to do it. My old basketball coach used to run a footwork drill involving whistles and hand signals that was pretty similar to DDR. I've tried to simulate this on my own with little success. DDR might be a good replacement.

Craniac17 03 200412:17AM

[cough] infomercial[cough]

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