Friscosity is a group weblog about San Francisco  JAN 23 2004

Friscosity is a group weblog about San Francisco. And they're looking for contributors

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Harris27 23 2004 4:27PM

GoatRavisher is trying to do the same thing in Atlanta and also looking for contributors i believe.

raj34 24 2004 1:34AM

Seems like they'll have a hard time gathering momentum. 95% of San Francisco is all ready addicted to either Tribe or craigslist...

padraigin00 24 2004 2:00AM

How hard can they be looking for these contributors? There's no contact address on the site.

Anne30 24 2004 2:30AM

The tiny white type on the black background is very hard to read. I like the name. Yes, I'm addicted to craigslist, but it is entirely different than a blog. Then there is Craig's blog--rather dry and not a guide to the city.

Chuck Taggart49 24 2004 3:49AM

Interesting title, given the fact that I was very nearly disemboweled the last time I used the term "Frisco" in front of a San Francisco native. In fact, one friend of mine up there had a conniption fit because I once said "the BART" instead of just "BART" ...

padraigin42 24 200412:42PM

Chuck, it's less the natives and more the longer-term transplants, in my experience, who get all het up about stuff like that.

Kevin Smokler35 25 2004 1:35PM

Same question Jason. How in the world did you find contact information? I see none.

jkottke50 25 2004 9:50PM

One of the folks responsible put a call out for contributors on his site. But yeah, that should probably be on the Friscosity site as well.

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