Downloading 52 albums in 52 weeks or an RIAA  JAN 05 2004

Downloading 52 albums in 52 weeks or an RIAA lawsuit, whichever comes first.

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Anil26 05 2004 3:26PM

I should think that hitting the full CD binaries newsgroups would let one easily grab 52 albums in about 3 hours. Theoretically.

Freon11 05 2004 6:11PM

Definatly, but that's not the point. Kottke could buy 52 magazines in one day but the buying is not the important part. It's not the downloading part that matters, it's about listening and enjoying the music. Expanding my musical horizons. But I'll definatly check out the newsgroups. I'd totally forgotten about them as a source for music. Now go over to my site and suggest an album. :)

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