Search query for "word ' word" throws several JavaScript errors  OCT 23 2003

Search query for "word ' word" throws several JavaScript errors. At least in IE

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milov39 23 2003 6:39PM

From a quick glance at the source code it seems the js error is caused by the single quote appearing unescaped in the onClick-event of the Images-tag, breaking the c('...') function.

Grainne14 24 2003 3:14PM

not getting any such errors ! (ie6 on Win2k pro)

jkottke51 24 2003 3:51PM

Looks like they fixed it.

Grainne36 24 2003 4:36PM

You should bill them for your QA service !

Schmelding20 24 2003 9:20PM


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