Screenshots of toilets in different video games  OCT 26 2003

Screenshots of toilets in different video games.

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vladsi46 27 200310:46PM

Fascinating find. I like the screenshots that place toilets in boggling locations where you'd never expect to find them.

Like this:

What's going on there?

Meri53 28 2003 9:53AM

Does anyone know what the text says? Why on earth has someone collected all those screenshots?

Skive47 29 2003 3:47PM

I know what the text says because I wrote it, but I can't explain this clearly in english. But I can assure you I'm not fascinated by toilets, not in THAT way, just wanted to do something uncommon about games.

dowingba39 30 200312:39PM

vladsi: I can't be sure, but I believe those are badly rendered portapotties on, I guess, some racetrack or something.

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