Color scheme chooser  OCT 21 2003

Color scheme chooser.

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jGregor40 21 200312:40PM

OK, now this is very nice. Plus my clients can now consort and create their own color schemes until they are so perplexed they totally collapse appreciating my color recommendations. Cool.

jGregor47 22 2003 5:47PM

Since I'm the only one to write about this little tool I've decided to write again so it doesn't go down in sad history as the little tool that couldn't even muster anything but a "now this is very nice." So, it is really, really nice and I've already had two people tell me thanks for sending the link though they haven't checked it out yet.

Liz Lawley39 22 2003 7:39PM

It's more than very nice. It rocks. The colorblindness thing is fabulous. (And I tested it on my colorblind husband, who was unable to see any difference between the regular and colorblind versions I showed him. Cool.)

Peter Stephensen43 23 2003 8:43AM

I also like this Colour Schemer, with a way cool picker (any ideas how it's done? I looked at the source and only see javascript)

Jeff02 23 200310:02PM

It uses an alpha-blended PNG with the base color in the background. The image is opaque white at the upper left, opaque black on the bottom, and transparent on the top right. You can see this if you load the image in an editor like gimp or photoshop. Try opening the image, then creating a layer below it and filling it with a solid color. That's the result you'll get.

Peter Stephensen24 24 2003 2:24AM

Huh. Nifty. I didn't think you could do alpha blended PNGs in IE.

Chris Sheppard13 24 2003 2:13PM

Here is an article about cross-browser PNG support. I did not read it all, but I understand you have to do some fancy stuff to use them in IE. I seem to remember a petition somewhere asking MS to include better PNG support in the future.

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