View Amazon's offerings as a treemap  SEP 11 2003

View Amazon's offerings as a treemap.

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ryan10 12 2003 5:10AM

... and ugly. but fairly powerful, in terms of filter application. Far better than your standard search interface.

I've gotta say i was expecting something like RealTree, the quantitative analysis software Gibson talks about in Virtual Light, but Honeycomb is interesting, all the same.

dowingba36 12 200310:36AM

I just accidently bought $40,000 worth of Paul Reiser books.

majick32 12 200312:32PM

This really, really works well for people who are visually oriented. For the rest of us, it's a morass of randomly-presented almost-information. Requiring the user to scrub the window (a pop up! Horrors!) with the mouse before revealing any actual data is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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