This is pretty much the definition of unaware  SEP 10 2003

This is pretty much the definition of unaware.

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Brandon D. Valentine10 10 200311:10PM

I can't shake the memory of the scene in PCU where they dumped raw meat on the protesting vegetarians.

meohmy12 11 200312:12AM

[on filepile a week ago]

Andy55 11 2003 1:55AM

[because amazing, Kottke and friends are supposed to only discover new, interesting pages and not proliferate memes...ha!, lighten up meohmy]

dowingba08 11 2003 3:08AM

Kottke and gang have a divine ability to find pages on the 'net before anybody else in the world finds them, including the creators.

jkottke57 11 2003 7:57AM

[Not a filepile member so I wouldn't know]

Pierce43 11 2003 8:43AM

[Does writing within these mean that you're whispering, or is it some kind of secret encryption technique? If it is, I think I've broken it.]

mathew09 11 200310:09AM

a lot of us were introduced to filepile via you, so he probably just assumed...

Phil30 11 200311:30AM

Looks like a fake to me - why is nobody looking up? even the guys that have already been soaked haven't budged... probably two photos merged together... ho hum

dowingba54 11 200312:54PM

Also, dumping that much water would make alot of noise...

michael44 11 2003 4:44PM

We're so jaded in the age of PhotoShop. Wouldn't it be nice to just believe that this relally happened?

matt49 11 2003 5:49PM

Wouldn't it be nice to just believe that this relally happened?

I confess, it would be easier if it didn't look like the back row on the left side has already been hit by water, but yet hasn't so much as flinched (though some of the faces seem like they've been sortah fuzzed out)....

Pierce23 12 2003 3:23AM

It's like the moon landings all over again.

Glutton02 12 2003 9:02AM

Goddam that Eisenhower administration, tricking us again!

Liz06 15 2003 5:06PM

Since that's actually happened to me (frosh week), I'd say it's entirely possible that the photo is legit.

Xavier Borderie46 18 2003 9:46AM

This is soooooooo 25 years ago =)

Rob Hatch48 24 2003 4:48PM

The Western European version of Unaware

Cutler Betsy 16 25 2004 7:16PM

Just because there's a pattern doesn't mean there's a purpose.

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