These are ORblogs.  SEP 23 2003

These are ORblogs.. Oh, are they?

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Steve Laniel08 23 2003 9:08PM

Love it. Anyone who drops Rushmore lines like that immediately gets a little thumbs-up from me. Ditto when James Lileks referenced The Simpsons the other day: "Some folks will never be on Fox / but then again some folks'll." Both made me smirk. Cheers.

J.D. Roth25 23 2003 9:25PM

ORblogs is great. Kudos to pb for creating and running the site. It's been a great way to keep track of other local weblogs (and webloggers).

Steve26 23 2003 9:26PM

Rushmore rules.

Tim40 24 2003 2:40AM

ORblogs is great (and not just because without him I'd have zero inbound links to my humble blog project.)

Jen04 24 2003 8:04PM

Rushmore is a dealmaker.

monkeyinabox52 25 2003 7:52PM

ORblogs rules! All of us Oregonians need to pump it up. And kick those Californians back to THEIR smog-ridden cities. I'm not biased against the CALis as you can tell. heh heh.

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