Heather abandons ship at Harrumph and launches  SEP 23 2003

Heather abandons ship at Harrumph and launches a photolog at hchamp.com.

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rachelleb28 23 2003 4:28PM

what's the story? there's got to be a story. harrumph is a way better domain name than hchamp. i miss harrumph already.

heather32 23 2003 4:32PM

there is no story. oh, and it's a "web site."

j35 23 2003 4:35PM

"there is no story" is pretty much always shorthand for "lawsuit", isn't it?

Derek35 23 2003 4:35PM

There must be a way we can blame this on Lance.

heather39 23 2003 4:39PM

oh judith.... did you have to go an spill the beans? you know that we're not allowed to talk about it.

Walt03 23 2003 5:03PM

Way to put the smack down on one of your fans. I don't think she was trying to be rude.

heather10 23 2003 5:10PM

smack down? i answered her question. how is that a smack down? there is no story.

the web site comment was for mr. kottke in response to "photolog."

Derek19 23 2003 5:19PM

I was told there'd be a smackdown.

Walt25 23 2003 5:25PM

I see. The "web site" thing sounded like it was giving her a hard time about her domain name question. I retract my declaration of "smack down". =-) I dig your site Heather, no matter what it's called.

Wilhelm18 23 2003 6:18PM

man, TWO "there is no story"s...that's the ironic trucker hat of the bush administration. Heather Champ is Dick Cheney!

michael10 23 2003 7:10PM

heather's posted the real story on her top secret typepad blog.

Andy15 23 2003 7:15PM

You mean the one she's been building in her basement for two years? That top secret typepad blog? Oh wait, I guess it's not so top secret any more now is it.

rachelle53 23 2003 7:53PM

ok. so.. um. . there's no story. im sure that hchamp will be the same great quality as harrumph and i will like it as much. i was fond of the name "harrumph" and wanted to see if there was a reason for the change. . but i see.. there's no story.

Davezilla53 23 2003 7:53PM

Secret Typepad blogs are soooo 15 seconds ago. Heather's already onto WiFi holographic tattooing from a chip in her ankle.

gwint13 24 2003 2:13AM

i for one welcome our new hchamp overlo-- oh crap, wrong site.

anyway, heather: your photos are beautiful, regardless of the domain they reside on.

nick59 25 2003 1:59PM

once again illustrating the difficulty of communicating with plain text. i want to see people meet in an ally afterschool or something.

"i heard, from Derek..."

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