Great Sophia Coppola interview by Greg Allen  SEP 02 2003

Great Sophia Coppola interview by Greg Allen.

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M51 04 2003 1:51AM

Anybody catch the Sophia worship in the Times this weekend? I thought I was reading the post...Am I crazy or does anyone else notice this shift in the Times?

Jen00 04 200310:00AM

This seemed pretty standard for a Lynn Hirschberg piece. And Sofia is cool.

greg.org33 05 2003 9:33PM

Actually, some of that NYT piece was in my posted interview, to help round out some topics I wanted to cover. Same with the official Q&A on the movie website.

Maybe the dynamic's different when you're ingratiating yourself to a celeb 1-on-1 like Hirschberg does. but in a group setting, sucking up becomes a tool in the competition for her attention. (At least, that was the case for 2 of my 3 interviewing colleagues.)

I definitely felt dirty afterwards.

M33 06 200310:33PM

Glad to hear that you did in fact feel dirty. Kudos - you still have that capacity, I'm not sure Hirschberg does. Keep up the good work.

evan30 12 2003 5:30AM

if i were interviewing sophia coppola, i would be sucking up as well. lost in translation is my favorite movie to come out since wong kar-wai's fallen angels.

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