Apple introduces new iPods, oddly ditches 15GB model  SEP 08 2003

Apple introduces new iPods, oddly ditches 15GB model.

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Ferrell37 08 2003 2:37PM

..and replaces it with the 20, what's so odd about that? Same price, more space. Woo.

Nony Mouse43 08 2003 2:43PM

Makes sense to me.

Beth00 08 2003 3:00PM

Fucking A! And me with my newly obtained 2nd gen. 20GB. At least when I upgrade I can outdo my sister's spanking new 30GB. Jesus, when would any human need to have a months worth of music though? And actually, those touch buttons are crazy-sensitive.

phil03 08 2003 7:03PM

is there anyone who even legally owns 10,000 songs that you actually want to hear? i guess it would be cool to get a dozen shostakovich symponies on on device, or a single uncompressed mahler symphony......

ta40 08 200311:40PM

Fuck the ipod. Imac all the way ;)

Glutton52 09 2003 6:52AM

I would love to get old radio shows on MP3 and listen to them at work. That would be great.

Beth45 09 200312:45PM

I've been meaning to take advantage of's "This American Life" deal. Now THAT would help keep me sane at work. Ira Glass's soothing nasality...

Ryan15 09 2003 8:15PM

Well, the 30gb(which had the 15gb, or half the size) is now the 40gb, which has the 20gb and the 10gb. 10gb X 2 = 20gb X 2 = 40gb. All nice and symetrical.

Charles Crabtree47 11 2003 4:47AM

Has anyone been impressed by the new iPod page? I question the value of a styleswitcher that only swaps two image files . . .

Lewin Luigi 38 25 2004 9:38PM

Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.

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