Amazing photo of corn-laden truck from Somalia  SEP 26 2003

Amazing photo of corn-laden truck from Somalia.

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steve30 26 2003 4:30PM

Amazing scene, yes, amazing photo? No way.

Jaime59 26 2003 8:59PM

1. Is any of that corn still edible?
2. Is that Optimus Prime?

R.53 27 200310:53AM

If it's Optimus Prime, he's really let himself go.

plot35 28 2003 5:35PM

robots in disguise indeed.

JS44 29 200312:44AM

I believe it - I've seen some pretty wild overloading in Africa.

JS46 29 200312:46AM

Cocoa trucks in ghana - they overload & then queue up behind hills to wait for the traffic police to go home.

Pete02 29 2003 6:02PM

It looks to me like a big scary corn monster eating the van.
I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.

James20 29 2003 8:20PM

Yes, of course its a hoax. Reuters decided that their reputation as one of the worlds largest & best press agencies was worth putting on the line to forge a photo of a truck laden with corn.

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