Friendster is fighting the creators of fake  AUG 14 2003

Friendster is fighting the creators of fake profiles like Jesus Christ and Smurfette. Friendster's gonna lose that battle

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jkottke56 14 200312:56PM

And wow, does Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams sound like a humorless jerk. Of course, babysitting the Internet can do that to a person.

pb00 14 2003 3:00PM

Some of the most popular (and least-depressing) blogs on LiveJournal are by "famous" people. There was a great one by Kim Jong Il (the Illmatic) a while back. Abrams should just put a humorous drop-down option for "suspect identity" or something that would differentiate...then add filters as necessary. Otherwise you're turning away some very creative people.

R.57 14 2003 7:57PM

Abrams is a pill.

s-jack11 15 2003 1:11PM

Friendsters like Abrams, who needs Friendster?

s-jack10 15 2003 3:10PM

"The whole point of Friendster is that you're connected to somebody through mutual friends, not by virtue of the fact that you both like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups," he says.

This quote reveals how absolutely clueless he is about how people connect.

Andy33 21 2003 4:33PM

Personally I find the fakesters about as entertaining as the ants around my bathroom faucet. Look how they scurry! Look how they roam! BFD. The internet is rife with smartasses who think they're funny. But a good 6-degrees site is more than welcome. Fakes like Chewbacca tend to glom 100s of friends and pollute everyone's network, bringing everyone down to 1 degree of separation. I don't think that's quite the point. But hey, F-ster is operating on OPM (other people's money) now, so who cares? The only "point" they'll be able to pursue is ROI.

Congdon John 02 21 2004 3:02AM

Buildings burn. People die. But real love is forever.

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