Buy a VW Beetle, get a free iPod  AUG 01 2003

Buy a VW Beetle, get a free iPod.

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Bryan59 01 2003 5:59PM

I think this is totally cool and as good of a reason as any to buy a new car. But iPods with cassette adapters? It's 2003 meets 1993.

Tony41 01 2003 6:41PM

Sure is a missed opportunity for some nice custom integration. I'd love to be able to slip my iPod into somewhere discrete in the car (maybe in the glove box) and control it from the stereo itself. Come on Apple!

bryan04 01 2003 7:04PM

One can get a dealer-installed aux-in in the glove compartment of the mini cooper. But you'll have to buy the ipod on your own.

Stef13 01 2003 7:13PM

Bwahahaa... I have the aux input (along with the MINI) on order as we speak. I can't wait. This site: has had a lot of info on the aux input.

phil dokas51 02 2003 1:51AM

It's just ridiculous that in 2003 cars that come with nice stereos don't include this by default. I can't help but think that a large hunk of the hip, Jetta-driving kiddies would love to see an audio-in port.

Josh17 03 2003 2:17AM

Most aftermarket cd players don't come with aux-inputs out of the box, either. Some of the more expensive ones do, but why pay $700 for an mp3 player and then plug an ipod into it?

Paul10 01 2003 9:10PM

Why not buy a Aux output that connects to the CD changer molex in the trunk (Or behind the radio) check out

Jermel Nicholson25 15 200310:25AM

ipods are great best source of music out there.

Jermel Nicholson27 15 200310:27AM

ipods make traveling easy and less of a hasle, because you have music to jam to.

Jermel Nicholson28 15 200310:28AM

ipod is a god gift for your friends.

Jermel Nicholson29 15 200310:29AM

you could use your ipod to get your lady in the mood, with some barry white.

Jermel Nicholson31 15 200310:31AM

cars need a good ipod adapter because it's cheaper than xm.

jermel nicholson32 15 200310:32AM

my friend has an ipod in his car and it so awsome.

jermel nicholson34 15 200310:34AM

ipod makes it easy and neater to travel, because you don't have all your cd's everywhere in your car because there all in your ipod

Jim53 02 2004 6:53AM

To expand on Phil's point, there is a large chunk of hip, Jetta-driving 40-somethings who have iPods and wish they could plug them into a port, too. That way, we wouldn't be jamming those Yes, Pink Floyd and Little Feat CD-jewel cases into our glove boxes.

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