Putting the "you" in home improyouvement  MAR 11 2003

Meg and I are getting our NYC apartment fixed up and functional bit by bit. It's hard with work and so much to do in our new city -- not to mention the 300 cable channels (Tivo + IFC + Sundance + HBO = kiss your life goodbye) -- but we're getting there.

This past weekend we made excellent progress, moving the microwave off the kitchen counter to a shelf of its own, installing a new kitchen faucet that offers improved control and more room to manoeuver over our shallow sink, and putting in a new shower head.

Showering with our old shower head was like sitting down to dinner at a compulsive talkers convention; shit was spraying everywhere. The new head is shiny and big but relatively low-flow; it doesn't spray water at you so much as gently rain it down on you, real soothing-like. After a post-installation shower, I caught this reflection of myself in the shiny new head:

stop, shower time!

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