Finding the order of the multiplicative group (mod n)...zuh?  SEP 17 2002

Weblogs are usually pretty easy for readers to get into. Lance Fortnow's Computational Complexity Web Log is probably the most difficult-to-read weblog I've ever come across. But that's OK because if you're into computational complexity, it's just the thing.

Speaking of which, I need to clean some things. My car mostly. The Web to the rescue once again: I'm not sure if it'll be helpful or not, but I love that it exists. (Related: This to That gives advice on how to glue this thing to that thing.)

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Gene00 17 2002 1:00PM

Nuh uh. Brilliant.

AJ36 17 2002 3:36PM

i go with the first; ridiculous.

jkottke33 17 2002 4:33PM

Nice to see that some folks are embracing the old adage that brevity is the soul of wit. Very very witty.

From witty to potty humor: Planet Urine are pet stain removal experts.

Adam Kalsey36 17 2002 4:36PM

I have a different type of pet stain. Perhaps I need Planet Uranus?

Nick Taylor38 17 2002 4:38PM

Even better is lambda the ultimate, a weblog about programming language theory.

jkottke52 17 2002 4:52PM

Uranus! Now that's funny.

kenny16 17 2002 5:16PM

just thought i'd point out murray gell-mann's home page :) specifically, it's complicated!

kenny19 17 2002 5:19PM

it appears error is the source of complexity, keke :) so fallible!

Jonathan34 17 2002 5:34PM

Jason, after you clean your car you can go get a brand new antenna ball here -

And later you can order your genetically engineered chubby pet rat here.

How about that?!?

Michael Buffington54 17 2002 9:54PM

It's good to see that there still such thing as the "first-mover" on the Internet, as I'm about to open

Also, not to forget the pulse-rare ecommerce sector, covers a pretty niche market.

I'm accepting angel funding offers, and some lessons on brevity.

Michael Buffington56 17 2002 9:56PM

Not to mention grammar and cohesiveness; "pulse-rare ecommerce vein".

Jeff47 18 2002 8:47AM

Ah, but what is the most difficult weblog to read design-wise??

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