A Tom Hanks Filmography  JUL 17 2002

- Sleepless in Perdition (2002) - Michael Sullivan
- You've Gotten Stranded on a Desert Island (2000) - Chuck Noland
- Saving Mr. Jingles (1999) - Paul Edgecomb
- Sleepless in Cyberspace (1998) - Joe Fox
- Joe Versus the Nazis (1998) - Captain John Miller
- You've Got a Thing You Do (1996) - Mr. White
- Saving Buzz Lightyear (1995) (voice) - Sheriff Woody
- Sleepless in the Command Module (1995) - Jim Lovell
- Saving Lieutenant Dan (1994) - Forrest Gump
- Sleepless in Philadelphia (1993) - Andrew Beckett
- You've Got Meg Ryan As a Costar for, What, the Third Time Now? (1993) - Sam Baldwin
- Joe Versus Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell (1992) - Jimmy Dugan
- That Volcano You're Going to Throw Yourself Into! (1990) - Joe Banks
- That Dog Who's Your Partner! (1989) - Det. Scott Turner
- You've Got Larger Clothes (1988) - Josh Baskin
- Saving the Virgin Connie Swail (1987) - Pep Streebeck
- You've Got a Shitty House and You're Dating Diane from Cheers (1986) - Walter Fielding
- You've Got Hookers (1984) - Rick Ernesto Gassko
- That Mermaid You Had Sex With! (1984) - Allen Bauer

And here are some titles that didn't make the cut:

Saving Darryl Hannah
That Mail You've Got!
Sleepless in Normandy
Saving Hooch
That German You Shot!
You've Got Hooch
Sleepless in the Toy Chest
You've Got a Box of Chocolates
That Wish You Wished!
Joe Versus Hooch


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