Covers and covers of covers  JUL 14 2002

The Covers Project is a database of cover songs (no remixes please) while the knockoff*project details a bunch of copies of album covers.

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tamim15 14 2002 2:15PM

Bryan Ferry sounds exactly like John Lennon.

(I had dropped by this site a while back when it was at a different URL.)

np28 14 2002 2:28PM

It's really great, thanks for posting the links.
I like the deliberate parody:


the most.

AnP29 14 2002 2:29PM

thanks for posting the link... good find for the day (for me, that is!)

nowak21 14 2002 7:21PM

I don't think "knock-off" is a bit of a harsh word to use. Most are parodies or tributes... though there are a couple definite rips there. Weird Al's album covers are always good, though.. heh.

scott16 14 2002 8:16PM

I had a radio show and i used to always do the cover song chain thing. It was fun.

Amy23 15 2002 4:23AM

One of my favorite covers is Annie Lennox's version of The Clash's "Train in Vain" -- she stays true enough to the original to make it recognizable but changes it just enough to make it interesting. I never liked the Red House Painters doing Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs." And I've always thought Radiohead belting out Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy" was both hysterical and brilliant.

Karen Nielsen09 15 2002 7:09AM

I like the fact that the website itself is a cover-version og Blue Robot (

Karen >:)

Dave Romm39 15 2002 7:39AM

On my radio show, Shockwave, I play covers all the time. I went to the site, and they didn't have most of the really fun ones that I play. I entered in one Big Daddy CD, but got tired. There are several songs where I have two covers/parodies but not the originals.

yonderboy12 15 2002 8:12AM

No cover has knocked me on my ass quite like This Mortal Coil's cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren". Haunting and exquisite, but you probably knew that.

John25 15 2002 9:25AM

Great cover?

Jeff Buckley covering Cohen's "Hallelujah"

carson51 15 200210:51AM

read a great book recently called 100 Best Album Covers. definitely worth a look.

as for cover songs, my favorite would have to be the smashing pumpkins' cover of landslide.

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