The Food Network has entered  OCT 07 2001

The Food Network has entered our home. I watched a whole hour of it the other day, a show called Emeril Live. It was like entering another world. People were cheering butter. Cheering butter! And garlic. And cream. He added butter to everything he cooked...and people were beside themselves with joy.

And don't even get me started on Iron Chef. I know, I know, I'm seriously behind the curve on this one, but this is my new favorite TV show, surpassing even Let's Bowl. There's nothing about the show that I don't like. And I'm usually wary of US versions of shows originating in other countries, but UPN is producing Iron Chef USA with William Shatner as the host. If it's even half as good as I'm thinking, it's going to be the best thing on earth, ever.

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