Fun facts about the number  SEP 27 2001

Fun facts about the number 28:

- 28 is a perfect number.

- There are 28 digits in one cubit.

- It takes the Moon a little less than 28 Earth days to orbit around the Earth. The lunar day is also a little less than 28 Earth days.

- A 28-sided polygon is called an icosikaioctagon.

- February usually has 28 days.

- 28 is a triangle number.

- The string 28 was found at position 33 counting from the first digit after the decimal point in pi.

- XXVIII, 11100, 34, and 1C are all different ways of expressing the number 28.

- The color corresponding to the hexadecimal value of #282828 is          . The color corresponding to the hexadecimal value of #1C1C1C (hex for RGB values of 28,28,28) is          .

- Also, some funny-lookin' cranky dork is 28 years old today.

I've never really appreciated my birthday all that much...just any other day really. This year it seems to mean a bit more. I'm glad to hear from friends and family, appreciate their thoughts, and happy that they are alive and well.

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