New music that I am  JUL 10 2000

New music that I am still digesting, purchased from the Virgin Megastore in SF:

- The new BT album, Movement in Still Life, featuring a track with vocals by M Doughty (frontman of the dearly-departed Soul Coughing) and samples from Defender (you know, Defender). I listened to this a couple times this past week and again on the plane trip home. Good stuff so far. I got this album partly because I like BT's stuff and partly because I wanted to bone up on his latest efforts before his upcoming Mpls. appearance. Unfortunately, due to a recently scheduled business trip, I can't go see the show. WAH!

- Paul van Dyk, Out There and Back. Two disks, yes, *two* disks for the price of one. Trance is electronica's version of sugary-sweet pop music, but I like it anyway.

- The Annual - Millennium Edition, put out by The Ministry of Sound. Haven't listened to this one quite yet, but I love the stuff the MoS puts out, so I'm excited to slip it into the CD player.

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