Odd day today. I went  FEB 05 2000

Odd day today. I went to get some lunch around noon and picked up an early metro edition of the Sunday paper. Much to my surprise, I find an article (entitled "Weblog wizard Jim Romenesko") inside the Entertainment section about James Romenesko's weblogs, Obscure Store and Media News. While it's odd reading about weblogs in a Minneapolis newspaper (Twin Cities' newspapers are about as un-media savvy as you can get), it was even stranger that the newspaper in question was the Star Tribune, a competitor of the cross-town newspaper that Jim used to work for. Quite possibly the last thing I expected to see when I woke up this morning.

But not quite. Whilst looking for a link to the above story on the Star Trib Web site, I ran across something even stranger. It seems that Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, who maintains the excellent Pop Culture Junk Mail weblog in her spare time, is running a daily weblog on the Star Tribune site. You can even suggest items for inclusion via email. Go Gael! Suddenly the Star Tribune doesn't seem so lame anymore....although they still have a way to go considering their lack of real reporting about technology and the Internet up to this point.

And Gael, if you're listening...if you could get me a link in that sidebar there, right above Robotwisdom, that would be great. ;)


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