Jakob Nielsen WinAmp skin  FEB 11 2000

Disclaimer: this is quite possibly the most inside joke I've ever been a part of. For those that know who Jakob Nielsen is, it'll probably be worthwhile.

Anyway, a while back on a mailing list, a few folks were discussing UI design, skins, and usability. To make a long story short, Matt came up with a quick sketch of what a Jakob Nielsen-designed WinAmp skin might look like. Never one to pass up the chance to do something utterly useless, I took Matt's preliminary sketch and came up with UseitAmp.


**To use this skin, d/l the zip file and put it in your WinAmp "Skins" directory. Then select the "UseitAmp" skin using your skin browser.

It is, of course, a parody. I'm especially pleased with the way that the "hyperlinked" text is almost useless as a way to use the app...you'd almost need graphics to do that. The only thing I'm really disappointed in is that I couldn't find a way for the playlist to be non-scrollable...


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