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All the sounds you never knew you wanted to hear


What does it sound like when a woman in red high heels walks across a dining room table? What does it sound like when a big guy gets slapped on the nape? What does it sound like when a forest watches itself? “Unnecessary Sounds” reveals all.

A bite of baby

A farmer in China has grown pears in the shape of babies. Using fiberglass and plastic moulds, Hao Xianzhang has been able to cultivate fruit in the shape of newborns. The popularity likely extends beyond those who catch the literary reference: in the Chinese novel Journey to the West a mythical fruit in the shape of an infant bestows immortality to all who consume it. Xianzhang’s pears cost $7 (50 yuan) each, not too pricey for a piece of the eternal. For those who aren’t inclined to snack on athanasia, the farmer plans on growing fruit in the shape of other figures, including comedy icon Charlie Chaplin.

Update: Turns out that some sources are calling these “Buddha shaped pears,” not baby shaped. Chewing on a deity or consuming your young, either way, it’s some peculiar produce.

(thx anna)

I keep reloading to see

I keep reloading to see if there are new posts.

Update (from Jason): I keep reloading and seeing new posts. Excellent!

Update (from Deron): It’s like magic.

If you look at just one photo

If you look at just one photo of a man in a tuxedo holding a small sewing machine in front of some cops looking at a crashed UPS truck this year, make it this one.

Gainfully employed

Jason is gainfully employed again. After 4 months of contracting and sitting around on my ass, I finally found a full-time job. I’m going to be a Web designer at a small ad firm in Mpls. called Kuester Partners. I’m pretty excited…it should be fun and challenging and all that good stuff. Wish me luck.