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The Deck Ad Network Readership Survey

Usually when you belong to some kind of ad network, you’re eventually asked to pester your readers with some sort of survey that attempts to gauge what sorts of eyeballs are reading your site. The Deck has never asked me to do this and still hasn’t…but I ran across The Deck Ad Network Readership Survey on SimpleBits this morning and if I were you, I completely wouldn’t mind taking it. The survey questions include:

7. If you were to become romantically involved with a typeface, which one would it be?
15. Where are you, emotionally speaking?
24. What would you say is your greatest weakness?

Le long Deck

The Deck is a smallish ad network that handles the advertising for, which consists of an unobtrusive high-quality advertisement in the sidebar of each page of the site. The Deck recently moved to a spiffy new domain and is no longer so smallish; the network now includes 29 sites.

Some recent additions to The Deck include Ze Frank, Chip Kidd’s Good Is Dead, FFFFOUND!, Dean Allen’s recently resurrected Textism, Clusterflock, and Aviary.

If you’d like to advertise on and 28 other great sites, head on over to The Deck site…we’d love to have you.

Design Observer redesigns…looks a bit smarter

Design Observer redesigns…looks a bit smarter than before. They joined The Deck too.

The Deck

Starting next month, will be joining The Deck, a “creative, web + design professionals advertising network” consisting of, 37signals, The Morning News, Coudal Partners, Daring Fireball, A List Apart, and now this site. Here’s the announcement. I am honored for to be associated with these fine sites.

Functionally, this means that a small ad (120x90 pixels) accompanied by a bit of text will appear on (nearly) every single page of the site beginning May 1. If you’ve been paying any sort of attention over the past few years, you know I’m not a big fan of advertising and putting ads on was almost the last thing on my mind. From the perspective of the reader/viewer, ads are often pushy, irrelevant, redundant, deceitful, insipid, or just plain poorly done. But advertising can also be useful when it communicates clearly, is relevant to its audience, doesn’t attempt to mislead, and lets the product/service in question sell itself. An artfully done advertisement can raise the boats of all concerned: the advertiser sells more products, the reader/viewer is informed of useful or appealing products and services, and the content provider is able to feed and clothe her family.

In the past few years, mechanisms for the delivery of advertising have evolved outside the purview of traditional advertising agencies. Two of the better efforts I’ve seen are Google’s AdSense (simple, straightforward, highly relevant (most of the time anyway)) and small ad networks like The Deck (high quality, considered, relevant). For instance, here’s The Deck’s policy on accepting ads:

We’re picky about the advertising we’ll accept. We won’t take an ad unless we have paid for and/or used the product or service. Sell us something relevant to our audience and we’ll sell you an ad.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for advertisers and readers alike. In the past, I’ve dismissed advertising without experiencing it from the perspective of the content provider. By giving The Deck a go on, I hope to gain a better understanding of the issue and fulfill my desire to keep doing as a (nearly) full-time endeavor.