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Winter solstice offering

posted by Susannah Breslin   Dec 24, 2015


From Sim Chi Yin's Instagram feed:

Winter solstice offering at an ancestral hall for the Huang clan, #taiwan, 22 Dec. Wonderful to see such a detailed, traditional ceremony honouring 108 ancestors from the family, with young and old male members of the clan participating — traditions long lost in other Chinese societies. Where such ceremonies in the past always had a sheep sacrificed as well, this village which is no longer as agricultural used bread made in the shape of sheep instead. (With apologies to vegetarians)

(Photo credit: Sim Chi Yin)

Metababy launches

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 19, 1998

Greg Knauss launched a brand-spanking new metababy. You can post HTML to it by sending email to metababy@metababy.com. The interesting thing is that no one has done anything malicious to it yet.