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Pieces for the Left Hand

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 22, 2007

The temptation these days for those of us with our heads buried online all day is to call any collection of short text pieces “blog-like”. I’m going to stay on-message here and refer to J. Robert Lennon’s Pieces for the Left Hand as being rather like a Diaryland diary written by someone who is particularly clever, smart, and funny. So maybe not so blog-like after all. (Burn!)

Anyway, Pieces is a collection of 100 or so 1-to-2 page stories, both fiction and non, about, well, nothing in particular, which is why I enjoyed them so much. Many of the stories are surreal, but not in the obvious David Lynch midgets-talking-backwards kind of way. They’re more subtle, a small-town kind of surreality. And for me, the perfect thing to read on the train or plane, literary snacks to have with your pretzels.