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Creepy carrying

From an article on Movie Morlocks regarding B -movie posters:

The classic rescue pose gets perverted into a monstrous abduction โ€” and possibly worse! โ€” scenario, all the better to get movie audiences, especially impressionable teens and thrill-seekers, into the seats. Beautiful women apparently were in constant danger from a steady stream of robots, aliens, mummies, and the occasional mutant human who were ready to snatch these lovelies up, once they had fainted dead away, of course.

It’s true. There’s well-documented evidence that between the 1930s and the 1960s, monsters were picking up women like they were moonlighting at a firehouse. This has morphed into the horror movie poster of today, which usually features a grouping of the young, attractive cast from the bust up, half-shrouded in shadows and looking perturbed.