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MetaFilter thread prevents human trafficking case

This MetaFilter thread from Wednesday/Thursday is a gripping/crazy/thrilling real-time look at an internet community coming together to prevent two Russian women from getting trafficked into a likely life of unpaid prostitution. It’s impossible to describe appropriately and I suggest you read through all the way. THIS is why they made the internet.

On Wednesday afternoon, a friend of one of the women (himself in the process of driving from Wyoming to LA) posted a message to MetaFilter asking for help. The women started in DC and took a bus to New York where they were supposed to get hostessing jobs at a bar on Coney Island. By the time the two women got on the bus, they were refusing to communicate with their friend anymore, but luckily took a call from another community member who convinced them to party with her instead. Just wow.

Update:: Some more details about the woman that convinced the girls not to go to the club. MeFi members have sent $3,500 to her to help the women. (via @ryansholin)