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File this one under holy crap!

File this one under holy crap!

It starts with clapclap, goes by way of waxy, has a via clusterflock, on to Kottke (who has a guest blogger, no less), then designing god Michael Beirut puts it in Design Observer’s column, bloggies like this one join suit….and…voila: “Hallelujah” is the number one song on iTunes. Awesome.

Jason responds:

I just checked, and sure enough, Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah is the #1 single on iTunes right now. Not sure it’s an exact cause and effect, but cool nonetheless.

Update: Jon writes:

I noticed the same thing and blogged a very similar post earlier today, but my guess is that the itunes ranking has more to do with the song being sung by the contestant on american idol this week and the judges subsequently mentioning their love for the buckley version — thus driving the american idol traffic to itunes. not that we aren’t the web of course but … .

An extensive — and I mean extensive

An extensive — and I mean extensive — overview of the recording history of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Complete with graphs.


Damn, I love that song.

(via andrew @ clusterflock)