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A bathroom in a box

posted by Ainsley Drew   Oct 08, 2009

One of the finalists in the Roca's bathroom-related design contest, Jump the gap, was Spanish design studio Yonoh's "box." It's a self-contained, customizable modular bathroom that features enough room for a toilet, wash-basin, shower, seat, two shelves, a towel rack, and a section for extra space and storage. All of the faucets are electronic, with displays indicating the temperature and the amount of water consumed. This "box" requires hookups for water and electricity, and after water is used by the sink or the shower, it's stored in a conservation-friendly water tank where it supplies the toilet. It remains to be seen if the eco-friendly "box" will compete with other cubic commodes. Regardless, it's quite a leap from the Port-a-Potty.