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A TSA agent spills his secrets

posted by Susannah Breslin   Dec 21, 2015


Mental Floss has an interesting article disclosing the secrets of TSA agents. Among them: Your cat is like a terrorist, if they refer to you as “very nice,” you are not, and they handle their professional status like the mob.

TSOs undergo regular training and performance reviews where they’re expected to simulate a screening in a private room for supervisors. After two years, the probationary period is over, and employees are generally set. “They’d call it being a ‘made’ man or woman,” Harrington says, referring to the mafia term for acceptance. “It’s really hard to get fired at that point. The only way to lose your job would be to commit a crime.”

Image via Evan Roth’s TSA Communication project.

Seyed Alavi’s carpet for a Sacramento airport

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 12, 2005

Seyed Alavi’s carpet for a Sacramento airport walkway features an aerial view of the Sacramento River. “It is truly amazing what is possible to print images on these days. Of course, for home use the cost is still somewhat prohibitive, but that is slowly changing as well.” (thx dunstan)

The best thing about mailing lists

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 08, 1998

You know the best thing about mailing lists? It’s the stupid people. It’s the people that say “this is the way it works because I’m an expert, and I’ve been on the web since Lynx 1.0” and then they do something like post twice to the list with HTML code and an image imbedded in the message. Priceless. It’s *so* perfect.

Oh, so what you meant to say was, “I’m a clueless dolt who can’t even use my email client.”

Actions speak louder than words.