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BFF: 128 Faces of Friends Merged into a Single Face

posted by Jason Kottke   May 29, 2019

Artist Shawn Feeney worked as a forensic artist for a few years and was inspired by that experience to produce BFF, a project where he combined the faces of pairs of friends into composite portraits, and then pairs of those composites into composite drawings, and so on until a single composite remained from 128 initial faces. Here are two of the quarterfinalist brackets:

BFF Feeney

BFF Feeney

And in this video, you get a closer look at the complete bracket and how the lineage of each starting drawing develops through the generations:

This reminds me of the software-averaged faces of people from different countries around the world and also Jason Salavon’s work like the combination of all the couch gags from The Simpsons and Every Playboy Centerfold (SFW).

60 Noses

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 13, 2009

A neat poster of 60 Noses by Shawn Feeney.

A collection of sixty female and male noses, arranged chronologically from people ages 16 - 90. The original pencil drawings (based on arrest photos) are faithfully reproduced on beautifully textured, 100% cotton Hahnemühle paper.

Feeney drew the noses while working as a forensic artist.