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Roxane Gay’s Ode to Baking

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 10, 2020

For Wirecutter, Roxane Gay talks about her love of baking and how her KitchenAid stand mixer helps her achieve the consistent results that baking demands.

I’ve always loved baking, the patience and precision it requires, the end result when baking goes well, the lessons learned when it doesn’t. It’s actually quite conducive to writing because it forces you to step away from your work and tend to the baking process at specific intervals. When I am feeling down, when I am stressed, when I want to procrastinate, when I want to nourish people I love, I bake, which is to say I bake a lot.

I found this link via my friend David, who has gotten into baking in a big way over the past couple of years, perfecting his recipes for pizza dough and bread. I got a KitchenAid for Christmas this year, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Maybe this week…

Ask a feminist about dating

posted by Tim Carmody   Aug 28, 2013

Writer and professor Roxane Gay was recently moved to write a dating FAQ [excerpts follow]:

Why are you still single?

I discontinued settling in 2012.

If you’re a feminist, why do you need a man?

I don’t need to do anything but stay black and die but I enjoy braiding a man’s leg hair while we watch Lifetime movies.

You are confusing and contradictory. I don’t understand.

I cannot help you with that.

Are you buckwild?


What the hell are you looking for?

All I want is everything.

And now you have asked one (or strictly speaking, n ? 1) feminist about dating.