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Swirling Portraits by Martin Satí

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 09, 2020

Martin Sati

Martin Sati

Martin Sati

The vibrance and swirl of Martin Satí's artwork reminds me, variously, of Milton Glaser's portrait of Bob Dylan, the intricate calligraphy of Arabic art, and marbled paper. The artist shared a bit about his process with Colossal.

Satí shares that his practice, while digital, similarly molds facial features as a sculptor would. Despite using impalpable tools, he says that his "material is like semi-liquid and is difficult to model but at the same time is very rich in movement and liveliness... I work with this material, which I usually call 'Silicone Pie,' as an artisan works with ceramics. I am modeling the colors with lines of movement until I achieve an optimal level of detail."

Mmmm, Silicone Pie. (via colossal)