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Intentionally flawed goods

posted by Jason Kottke   Jul 01, 2011

Artist Jeremy Hutchison commissioned a series of intentionally incorrect products from factories around the world.

“I asked them to make me one of their products, but to make it with an error,” Hutchison explains. “I specified that this error should render the object dysfunctional. And rather than my choosing the error, I wanted the factory worker who made it to choose what error to make. Whatever this worker chose to do, I would accept and pay for.”

Hutchison received a comb without tines, the ordering of which prompted a letter from the confused factory rep:

I have read your email, which makes me confused. As you know, combs shold be fabricated correctly and customers should like to buy combs which can comb hair. However, from your words, it seems you need us to fabricate combs incorrectly and combs can not comb the hair. I can not understand this well. Pls kindly explain detailedly.

There is also a Magritte-esque pipe with no place to put tobacco, and these impractial sunglasses:

Incorrect sunglasses

(via @kevmaguire)