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Striking Vintage Calculators

closeup photo of the chunky keys of a vintage calculator

a vintage yellow calculator with a carrying strap

a large vintage calculator with two knobs

a vintage Braun calculator

From Greg Maletic, glamour shots of his collection of calculators from 1968-1983 (and here).

In the 1970s, calculators weren’t just for calculating. They were luxury items. In a world before iPods and iPhones, calculators were the first aspirational personal electronics.

Calculators 1968-1983 showcases these remarkable design objects, along with stories behind why they look and operate the way they do. And how, in just a few decades, one of the world’s most important products went from indispensable to irrelevant.

You can see the collection in person next weekend in Portland…details are here.

Oh, and if the design of the calculator in the last photo above looks somewhat familiar, the Calculator app on the original iPhone was based on a similar model from Braun. (via @cabel)