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More creative freeskiing hijinks from Candide Thovex

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 24, 2016

Skier Candide Thovex goes on another one of his crazy creative ski runs. In this one, he jumps over a helicopter (among other things). I still like his previous video a bit more, although the kids are partial to his Audi commercial, especially the abrupt ending.

A fun run down the mountain

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 20, 2015

People ask me why I ski.1 A: Because sometimes it’s as insanely fun as this guy makes it look.

He. Skis. THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN. Also, if you can, pause it right after he jumps off the lift platform…the kid on the lift with his dad is like ( ゚o゚).

  1. No one has ever asked me this. No one ever asks people questions like this. “People ask me…” is a phrase writers use to create a sense of an ongoing story. It’s better than “This is a cool video”…you can only use that one so many times.