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Busy day today. First of

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 30, 1999

Busy day today. First of all, I went down to my old place of employ and had lunch with some friends of mine. Always nice to see those folks. My old boss, Scooter, walked by while I was lounging in a chair waiting for Ben to finish something up. Not wanting to be rude, I said, “Hi, Scott.” As he passed, he glanced in my direction, realized who it was, and kept right on walking without returning my greeting. Scott, you may be running one of the larger Web firms in Minneapolis, but does that entitle you to act like such a little kid? Grow up, please.

After lunch, Ben and I went to Any Given Sunday. Not too bad. The only real problem with the film was that it was a football movie, and hence full of cliches and such. We learned “what football was all about” approximately 12 times. And we finally get to see Elizabeth Berkley play the role she’s been meant to play: a high-priced call girl who lounges around naked. Not that I’m complaining….she’s a very attractive girl. Maybe if I had a $1000 lying around….

After the movie, Ben realized that he had Timberwolves tickets for the evening and asked if I wanted to go. So, we went. The Wolves crushed the Bulls. The Bulls suck so bad, I can’t even believe it.