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Saw Dogma on Tuesday. I

Saw Dogma on Tuesday. I was slightly disappointed because I expect so much from Kevin Smith these days. Read my epinion of the film. Sidebar: I tried using the word “crap” in my review and Epinions marked it as an “ojectionable word” and wouldn’t let me subit my review until I changed it. So, I changed it the the word “shite”. Fixed their wagons.

Also, Kevin Smith went out and protested his own movie in New Jersey…unnoticed. He was even interviewed by the local news. That’s some funny stuff. All those protestors out there and they didn’t even recognize the name they were protesting against. Hee hee.

I also rewatched 2001: A Space Odyssey and Election, both on DVD, of course. Both really great films. Kubrick is quickly becoming my favorite director (if he isn’t already) and a personal hero of mine. Election is one of the best films out this year and will definitely make my top ten films of the year list.