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Nichol and I have decided

Nichol and I have decided that we’re not going to celebrate Christmas this year. Instead, we’re going to exchange gifts for December-related Holiday™ (patent pending). It’s great….with December-related Holiday, you can get in the holiday spirit without adhering to any particular religion or culture. If I want to spend my Christmas morning spinning a dreidel and learning about African culture, I can. December-related Holiday: all the capitalism with none of the guilt.

On a similar topic, I looked around briefly for a place to give your confession online, and I couldn’t find anything. You’d think it would be fairly easy to set up: a simple form to enter your confessions which returns X number of Hail Marys for you to do. It would cut down on the time the priests have to spend in the little booth.

Next week’s topic: setting up a secure system for tithing. Give your 10% over the Web….and put it on your Visa card!