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I’m not sure if this

I’m not sure if this is unique or not, but Emigre is now letting you preview a bit of text in any of their typefaces.

On the topic of Emigre, they could have a lot more cred and visibility on the Web if they updated their site with a look and feel more consistant with their boundary-stretching magazine design. This topic comes up about every six months or so in the letters to the editor section of the magazine, and their stance is (and continues to be, as far as I know) that the site serves its purpose and is just fine for what it needs to do. That’s fine, but does it accurately portray who Emigre is to the site’s audience. I’m not sure it does. I’m not saying it has to be an over-designed graphics fest like some sites, but I would like to see what Emigre would come up with if they applied their design talents toward a Web site.