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Dan Bricklin, inventor of VisiCalc,

Dan Bricklin, inventor of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program and the application upon which the entire rest of the personal computer industry was built, is running a weblog. Not too much there now, but it might make for some interesting reading.

And just to continue on the above slightly, weblogs by people like Dan Bricklin add another dimension missing from your ordinary ‘log. Dan not only lived through an important time in the development of all these computing machines that we are using, but he contributed to it in a significant way and influenced others making significant contributions. That sense of history, type of viewpoint, and genuine authority is missing from most, if not all, weblogs.

It is almost as if Dan is writing a book about the beginnings of the PC revolution, except we are getting the unedited version, with more techical and personal information that gives the story more substance that it would normally have. Above all, it’s current. A book ceases to be current the moment it’s published….with his ‘log, Dan can continue to publish new insights on old thoughts and compare others’ new ideas with old paradigms.