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The Iron Giant

Some of you may not know it (because it is tanking at the box office and the promotion has been minimal), but there’s a movie out right now called The Iron Giant. You really need to go see this movie. If you’ve got kids, take them to the Iron Giant instead of the claptrap that Disney makes everyone see. If no one wants to go with you to see it, go by yourself (like I did). Hell, if you live in Mpls., send me an email and I’ll go with you and spring for the popcorn. If you go, let me know what you think.

A lot of what Harry Knowles says about the Iron Giant echoes my own thoughts. An excellent review written from the heart. Two great bits from the review:

“Tonight I heard a child tell their mother, ‘Mom, killing is bad.’”

“After the film I ran into Glen and his kid Lil’ David. As always David came running up to hit me in my belly, and I shook my finger and told him, ‘Don’t be a gun David.’ He lowered his arm and looked at me. He smiled and went to run in circles screeching out, ‘I’m Superman!’”

I cried like a baby at the end of this film…it was that good for me.