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No more new windows

Gack. Been working at the computer all day. Tired.

Well, after viewing the results of my latest poll and reviewing my own browsing habits, I’ve decided to take the target=”blank” attribute out of all my links from This means that when you click on a link here, it will open up in the same window, not in a new window as before. However, if you still want to open links up in a new window (as I almost always do), you can do the following:

IE4+ for PC: shift-click on the link or right-click/Open Link in New Window
NS3+ for PC: right-click/Open in New Window
IE4+ for Mac: Ctrl-click on the link or hold-click/Open Link in New Window
NS3+ for Mac: Ctrl-click on the link or hold-click/New Window with this Link
iCab for Mac: Ctrl-click on the link
NS3+ for UNIX: Middle-click on the link or right-click/New Window…

And if anyone uses a browser that’s not on the list (Opera, etc.) and can supply the new window how-to info, please do.