Eyes Wide Shut and Run Lola Run

posted by Jason Kottke   Jul 18, 1999

I'm glad the post-Star Wars movie drought is finally over. I hadn't seen a movie in weeks (save Summer of Sam, which was disappointing) that I've been truly interested in seeing. This weekend, a bunch of movies were out that I wanted to see on one level or another. I ended up seeing three of them:

While I didn't go opening night due to a slight scheduling irregularity (you know who you are), I saw Eyes Wide Shut on Saturday. As excited as I was to see this film, I was surprised when I wasn't disappointed. The cinematography and sound, as with all of Kubrick's films, were excellent. The story was good too, and despite the movie's length (2h.48m), it kept me occupied the entire time.

American Pie. Unless you're 18 or under, you should probably wait for the video. It's cheaper and you can use the rewind button to great effect in a couple of the scenes.

Run Lola Run. The best movie of the weekend. It's a different type of movie than most people are used to seeing. It throws a lot of information at you in a lot of different ways and at different speeds, much like, dare I say, the Internet. Even the subtitles, which were bothersome to read when I wanted to focus on the action, contributed to the media barrage. The music, of a techno variety, really drove the movie nicely.

The other movie I wanted to see this weekend (but didn't), Blair Witch Project, was sold out the entire weekend, doing quite well at the box office, despite opening in only 27 theatres. The buzz for this film among the indie hipster crowd, of which I am apparently a member, is deafening. Walk-up tickets were available for Friday's showings at the Uptown in Mpls., but by Sunday, all the shows were sold out by 5pm, most probably sooner. I predict that this is going to be one of those films that ends up at number one on a lot of people's all-time favorite movie lists, much like Pulp Fiction a few years ago.